The EM Token standard aims to enable the issuance of regulated electronic money on blockchain networks, and its practical usage in real financial applications. Nowadays standards focus on cryptocurrencies behaviour, which have similariries with the real financial world, but key functionalities, as compliance, aml , and legal liabilities are not included. This standard proposal adds new capabilities to the existing standards, enabling that the real financial world can embrace blockchain and decentralization. As security standard was born, bringing the related topics to the securities market, em-token has the aim to define an e-money, fiat tokenized money and payments standard that can be used by financial institutions.


The workgroup is totally open for new members. We need different point of views, experiences, to improve the proposal. All the code, proposals, and work is opensource. and open to new commiters. If you want to collaborate, please use the contact form, and we will be more than happy to start working together. Alone we can reach faster, together we will reach

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